How to Choose Kolkata Paintings for Your Living Room

Your living room is the place where you would prefer to relax after a long stress filled day at work. It is also the place where you entertain all the guests visiting you. The ambiance in the living room should be fresh and calm creating a tranquil and welcoming atmosphere. Hence, while choosing the paintings in Kolkata to decorate your living room makes sure to pick the perfect art pieces, which are neither too loud nor too soft. The living room should never be over decorated with too many paintings and artwork covering the walls.

Here are few of the important tips to consider when choosing paintings in Kolkata for your living room.

  • While choosing the artwork, make sure to choose the one which will beautify your living room. And also, if you are the one who would often change the interior design frequently then you could choose something that would be cost effective as well as can be reused in some other part of the house at a later point of time.
  • Next, you should choose the artwork based on the theme and color of your furnishings. For example, if you are living in the decor of Victorian Style, you could choose some matching art pieces to adorn the walls.
  • Another idea to consider when choosing paintings in Kolkata is, you can consider choosing a combination of arts to be hung on the living room walls. For example, one of the walls could have classic black and white photos while the other wall could contain some beautiful backdrops. This would give a combination thematic look to your living room. Also, make sure that the art pieces are neither too small nor too big on the walls.
  • Choose the right size! Measure your walls dimension and bring pictures of the room with you when shopping for paintings in Kolkata. By shopping for paintings in this way, you will get the better idea of what space you have to work with and can imagine how the art will look in your home.
  • Choose the artwork color that suits your room design’s more attention grabbing colors. A piece with similar or complementary colors can work great as well. Take into account your wall color, furnishings, pillows, throws and curtains to create a palette of colors to look for in your artwork.
  • If your house is filled with antiques, for example, you’ll want to use antique-style frames on the paintings you hang there. If you have contemporary furniture in large rooms with high ceilings, you’ll want to hang large contemporary paintings.
  • Find out who created your artwork! Colorful paintings created by painters in Kolkata have become hugely popular and yet their work is still not impossible to get your hands on.

Art, especially original art, is an investment that can last a lifetime; it can make or break a room and is essential to a finished look.  Now comes the fun part… explore artwork, and have a blast selecting a gorgeous piece of art that is the best fit for your home!


painters in kolkata

painters in kolkata

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